The Strength of Bábbarra's Women


This week we are continuing our focus on remote Indigenous communities, with a close look at the inspiring artists of the Bábbarra's Women's Centre in Arnhem Land. 

Aren't these designs beautiful? We had them with us at the Finders Keepers Market last weekend - they were very popular!

Here are the boys, handprinting the pattern in our studio in Leichhardt. 

The Bábbarra studio is located on the Northern coast of Australia, at the very top of the Northern Territory. Arnhem land home to over 2500 Indigenous Australians with 12 distinct language groups. They range over a wide area of land, with over 100 tribes, and share their beaches, mangroves, bush and rivers with a huge variety of wildlife - including huge, salt water crocodiles!

The centre was originally established as a women's refuge in 1983. In the video below you can hear the importance of the work and educational opportunities offered to these women by the community centre. They grow, and develop strength and inspiration through their art and their work.

The Bábbarra studio does screen and linocut printing, and has a team of sewers in house. So they design, print and sew their patterns, all in their community!

Through their arts and textiles, the Babbara women create income for their families and support women within their communities. They also form ties of friendship and family.

If you wish to buy Babbarra products, they sell them on their website, where you can also learn more about their community. Alternatively, come and visit us in Leichhardt, or at our next market for the full range of indigenous designs that we are making. Click here to check out our online range.

Next time we will continue our exploration of regional Australia. 

Until then, happy shopping!


The Publisher Textiles Team

- Nicola Joy -  

Our First Screen-Printing Course

We had our first Introduction to Screen Printing Course on Saturday the 25th of February! It went fabulously.

We had a wide range of students for our first class! We had everyone from curious teenagers thinking about their high school art major, aspiring screen printers who are considering printing out of their bedrooms, and businessmen who wanted a wider understanding of the screen printing process. The course began at 10am, and it wrapped up at around 2pm. Everyone took full advantage of the fact that they had the time to ask questions and to pick Mark's brain for information!

The tour of the workshop was guided by Mark but directed by the students themselves; the questions they asked and what they wanted from the workshop let Mark personalise the tour so that everyone's questions were answered.

Only a few small hilarious mistakes happened with the hands on part of the course, with a few lefts and rights getting confused. Angles were erm, angled, and pressures were inconsistent, but everyone gave it a good shot and took home three five colour tea towels that they had very proudly printed themselves.

Our next course is on Saturday 25 March. Make sure you book here soon. We are excited to see you there!!

The course is taught by Mark Cawood and held at Publisher Textiles 1/87 Moore Street, Leichhardt. It includes a hand silk screen printing talk and a studio tour. Click here for more information and to book! 

- Nicola Joy -

The Way of Wallpaper!

Publisher Textiles and Papers has made wallpaper for over a decade, full of beautiful patterns and colours. This is a blog giving you an idea of the different wallpaper patterns Publisher has, including new and iconic prints, and a short guide on how to apply and remove the wallpaper safely from your home.

Our Wallpaper Prints

The first ever wallpaper ever created at Publisher Textiles and Papers was the Ruby Rabbit. This was designed by Mark in 2004 for the opening of his brother's bar of the same name. Since then, the design has been perfected and translated into both fabric and wallpaper, which has been used both in dresses and men's clothing.

Steph's favourite print is the Swan print. The design is over two rolls of wallpaper, and it is very elegant and very Steph!

Arguably the most iconic and popular wallpaper perfected by Publisher Textiles is the Hibernian print. Inspired by the heritage listed building in Surry Hills, this print has been made into colourful and eye-catching wallpaper and clothing.

Recently Mark has perfected his Lyre Bird print, which he has been dreaming of for years. A traditional toile style print, it will make any space look elegant and divine.

A brief overview on...

How to hang wallpaper (without resorting to murder)

The days of wallpaper leading to ruined walls and divorce are over! The key difference between our wallpaper and other wallpaper suppliers is that we recommend putting the paste directly onto the wall, rather than onto the wallpaper. This means no more fighting with large wads of tall, sticky material!

We recommend using Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive.Your wallpaper will be fully removable, making it safe for use in rental properties.

We are planning to create a how-to in the future, but until then, check out this installation video by Hygge & West. Everything except the glue is pretty much spot on.

How to Remove Wallpaper (without losing your bond or your mind)

No longer does wallpaper removal require steaming and scraping, sweating and swearing!

If you use the paste we recommend, then your wallpaper will be fully removable, and will leave no marks on the walls. Don't believe me? Check out the video below... Javed will show you just how easy it is. All you need to do is wet the wall (with a sponge, you don't need to soak it!) and peel the paper away.

Post your pictures of your wallpaper below; tell us what you think of our new print! Any ideas for us? Let us know!

The Publisher Textiles Team

- Nicola Joy -



From Press to Print; A Dummy's Guide to the Screen Printing Process

So, how does artwork go from paper to print? To kick off our technical blogging again, here is a general overview of the printing process. Comment below with anything you would like us to examine in detail!

To begin, we print our artwork onto film using black or red ink. We use these colours so the film is ready for the darkroom.

Next, we prepare the screen by putting liquid photogenic emulsion onto a blank screen - multiple times. We then pop this wet emulsion covered screen into the drying box for 30 minutes. Until the screen has been through the darkroom UV process, it should not be exposed to UV light, so we generally do this whole process within the darkroom.

Once the screen is dry, we then place the artwork onto the screen. This is done through a very technical method - specifically, sticky tape!

Placing our screen with the attached film against the glass of the darkroom, we use a simple domestic vacuum to make sure our artwork is pressed firmly against the glass. This is so no light can creep in around the edges.

We then 'turn on' the darkroom. Our UV light source in the darkroom hardens the emulsion - all except the emulsion that is hidden behind the black or red artwork ink.

Next, the washing bay! We wash off the unhardened emulsion which leaves us with the see-through artwork on the coloured screen. It goes out into the sun for half an hour to dry and finish the hardening process. Once dry, the screen is then checked over and any gaps in the hardened emulsion are are fixed up with block out (cheap nail polish works for this too).

Picking colours is often the hardest part! We have to mix inks to make the colours. We have 19 different colours of concentrated ink, and an incalculable number of ways to combine them. We mix the concentrated ink into print paste, to make our printers ink (which we also sell here!).

Once the colour is mixed and ready, we lay our fabric out on the printing tables or set up the screens on our T-shirt carousel.

The ink goes onto the back of the screen, opposite the fabric! We squeegee (yes that is a technical term) the ink across the screen and artwork. The ink sinks through the screen, onto the fabric.

Taking the screen off the fabric, we then scoop off the extra ink and wash the screen.

We air-dry the fabric, and then run it through our oven (heat setter). It sets the artwork onto the fabric by cooking it at 180 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes.

We hire out our heat setter to other screen printers, please contact us for more details.

Then we let the fabric sit for a day! After that, we send it off to the customer and tell them to run it through the washing machine and treat it like it will normally be treated. If they're happy, we're happy.

Voila! This is an overview of how the printing process works. Let us know what you would like Mark to explain in detail, and keep an eye out for our next blog in a fortnight.


- Nicola Joy -


Introduction to Screen Printing Course

Big news guys!!!

Due to popular demand we are starting screen printing courses here at Publisher - learn from a pro!

From February we will be running monthly ‘An Introduction to Screen Printing’ courses. These 3 hour workshops are limited to 10 people and will take you through the process including a tour of the factory, a hands on printing experience and a take away 5 colour tea towel. We are looking to inspire other printers, designers and crafters!

Perfect for christmas presents, the first two workshops are now available to buy online. They will be held on the last Saturday of February and March. If you buy a workshop voucher before the 14th of December, we can mail you or the recipient a hand printed gift certificate with all the relevant details, just in time for Christmas! 

Click here for all the details and to purchase your tickets!

Where It's Made / Massive studio sale / Up to 80% off

We are teaming up our mates Surface Art, Essay, Theadora Jones, Wellspotted and The Mister Brand for a massive studio sale!!

Come and see where its made and grab yourself a bargain!

We’ve done an epic spring clean – guys and gals clothes, fabric by the metre and wallpaper - up to 80% off!!

The Mister Brand will have 10 – 20% amazing range of handmade men’s grooming products! Perfect for Christmas presents!

You’ll find the biggest savings in the cash-only bins so raid those piggy banks!!

Even our current season clothing and homewares will be 20% off for the 3 days!! Both in store and online (for all those peeps who can’t make it in)

Thursday 10th November 1pm – 7pm
Friday 11th November 8am – 4pm
Saturday 12th November 8am – 2pm(ish)


Publisher Textiles & Papers
1/87 Moore St

Onsite unmetered parking available at the rear.

Ink, Batman, monsters and Mr T.

Well it's been a month between updates, again. But in good news I've be practising and I'm now pretty okay at using our fancy camera so I'll be able to update this a lot more often, because lets face it, it's more about the pictures than the words when you're doing a blog on screen printing. So here's a quick update and I'll try to another couple next week.

I'm very happy to report I've managed to get all of the standard inks up on the website!! Opaques and metallics will be up soon (the metallics are especially exciting, they are a hell of a lot cheaper than whats currently on the market). All our inks are available in our studio in Leichhardt, so if you are local, pop in a check them out! Have a look at the previous blog post for the full price list.

Eric, Mark and I's son, is pretty Batman obsessed and inspired us to do Jingle Bells, Batman Smells as our first ever Christmas tea towel (plus we are both total kid-adults and totally love Batman too). Like our Creature from the Bottom of the Sink and Mr T towels its a six colour pop art style print.  

Head on over to Publisher Prints to get your hand on one of these babies!!

They make pretty excellent Christmas presents!!

Its time for huge clean out sale!!!!

We are teaming up with the ever fabulous Brands Surface Art, Essay, Theodora Jones and Well Spotted again for a massive factory sale!!

Come and see where its made and grab yourself a bargain!

We are doing a huge clean out so there will be fabric by the metre, wallpaper and clothing at amazing prices!!

You’ll find the biggest savings in the cash-only bins so raid those piggy banks!!

Even our current season collection will be 20% off!!! Both in store and online (for all those peeps who can’t make it in)

Sale dates and Times

Friday 24th June 8am – 4pm
Saturday 25th June 8am – 2pm(ish)


Publisher Textiles & Papers
1/87 Moore St

Progress Report

It's the last day of May, when did that happen?! Time really does fly when you're having fun. 

This month we have started on a very exciting new wallpaper and soft furnishings collection, if you go visit the board titled "Miss Ives and Mr Chandler" on our Pinterest page, it should give you a pretty good idea what is coming! A long blog post with photos will be out next week.

The rest of the website is slowly starting to take shape; many words have been written and many photos have been taken. Wallpaper and fabric galleries are on their way, plus the an online store where you will be able to purchase a selection of our fabrics by the metre.

We have 2 markets coming up over the next 2 weekends:
Etsy Sydney Made Markets
Vivid Sydney 2016
Saturday 4th June 12pm - 10pm
Pier 2/3, 13 Hickson Rd
Walsh Bay


Handmade Canberra
Saturday 11th June 10am - 4pm
Sunday 12th June 10am - 4pm
Exhibition Park Canberra

Look forward to seeing you there!

See you next week, showing off some very fine wallpapers :)



Indigenous Textile Residency

Recently we were privileged to have 5 artists and screen printers from 3 different remote Northern Territory indigenous communities with us for a week. Virgil from Injalak Arts, Kieren, Aaron and Gracie from Merrepen Arts and Deborah from Babbarra Arts. Joining them for their week at Publisher was Timothy Growcott, a freelance textile designer and printer who has been teaching in remote communities for several years and Marie Falcinella, the project coordinator, who made it all happen (and took all the beautiful photos included in this post).

It was an amazing week of exchanging ideas and techniques, experimenting with colour and connecting the Australian screen printing community.

For more information on each of these Artist and their communities please visit;

Merrepen Art Centre
Babbarra Women's Centre
Injalak Art Centre

Work in Progress

Seeing as how our clothing brand Publisher Prints has moved out and got a swish new website of its own (go visit it here), its time to do some serious renovations on the Publisher Textiles and Papers website.
I'll be updating the blog about once a week, keeping you in the loop of all the happenings at Publisher.
Also sign up to our newsletter (on the homepage) to go into the draw to win a $50 voucher each month plus lots of sneak peeks, news and upcoming events!

Pretty excited for the next few months! Thanks in advance for sticking with us, this whole website building, blog posting, social media running thing is all new to me, I'm sure its going to be a pretty fun ride and I can't wait to tell you guys all about it!

I'll be back next week with stories from our recent Indigenous Textile Residency and The Finders Keepers Market!