Ink, Batman, monsters and Mr T.

Well it's been a month between updates, again. But in good news I've be practising and I'm now pretty okay at using our fancy camera so I'll be able to update this a lot more often, because lets face it, it's more about the pictures than the words when you're doing a blog on screen printing. So here's a quick update and I'll try to another couple next week.

I'm very happy to report I've managed to get all of the standard inks up on the website!! Opaques and metallics will be up soon (the metallics are especially exciting, they are a hell of a lot cheaper than whats currently on the market). All our inks are available in our studio in Leichhardt, so if you are local, pop in a check them out! Have a look at the previous blog post for the full price list.

Eric, Mark and I's son, is pretty Batman obsessed and inspired us to do Jingle Bells, Batman Smells as our first ever Christmas tea towel (plus we are both total kid-adults and totally love Batman too). Like our Creature from the Bottom of the Sink and Mr T towels its a six colour pop art style print.  

Head on over to Publisher Prints to get your hand on one of these babies!!

They make pretty excellent Christmas presents!!