Publisher Textiles offers Screen Printing Services for professional and aspiring screen printers.

Screen Stripping and Cleaning

$10 - Screens up to 75cm x 100cm

This involves removing your designs from your screens. This means we remove all the photographic emulsion from the mesh of your screen to allow you to recoat and print afresh.

Screen Coating and Exposing

$40 - Screens up to 75cmx 100cm

Included in the cost is coating your screen with photogenic emulsion, placing your artwork on the screen, and exposure.


$1 per cm down the film - up to 90cm wide

We print your artwork out onto film, that you can then keep. We can then go on to coat and expose your artwork on your screen.


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Whilst all care will be taken by the professional screen printers in store, we cannot take responsibility for any damage that might occur during these processes.