Bábbarra Women's Centre

Babbarra Women’s Centre has been part of the Maningrida community since 1983. Originally founded as a women’s refuge Babbarra advocates for better education and economic opportunities for indigenous women. The centre runs a printing studio, op shop, cleaning service and community laundry, providing much needed services for the community and stable employment for many members of the community. After moving into textile design in the 1990s Babbarra has established themselves as one of Australia’s leading indigenous textile producers.

The print studio employs around 13 women who design, print and sew fabric on a daily basis. They also produce original artworks and traditional weaving. Printing on an 8 metre table the women work in tandem to produce one of over 30 different designs on screen. Given the complexity of some of the designs it can take a whole day to complete 8 metres of one design.

Acting as the support hub for 5 different remote outstations, Buluhkaduru, Ji-marda, Mumeka, Mankorlod and Cadell, the centre provides the services and support need to keep the women of the Maningrida strong and to continue to change the narrative around remote community life.


For more information on Babbarra Women’s Centre and their designs please visit their website.

Bright red and green repeat patten printed on black fabric

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