The Way of Wallpaper!

February 2, 2017

Publisher Textiles and Papers has made wallpaper for over a decade, full of beautiful patterns and colours. This is a blog giving you an idea of the different wallpaper patterns Publisher has, including new and iconic prints, and a short guide on how to apply and remove the wallpaper safely from your home.


Our Wallpaper Prints


The first ever wallpaper ever created at Publisher Textiles and Papers was the Ruby Rabbit. This was designed by Mark in 2004 for the opening of his brother's bar of the same name. Since then, the design has been perfected and translated into both fabric and wallpaper, which has been used both in dresses and men's clothing.




 Steph's favourite print is the Swan print. The design is over two rolls of wallpaper, and it is very elegant and very Steph!





Arguably the most iconic and popular wallpaper perfected by Publisher Textiles is the Hibernian print. Inspired by the heritage listed building in Surry Hills, this print has been made into colourful and eye-catching wallpaper and clothing.




Recently Mark has perfected his Lyre Bird print, which he has been dreaming of for years. A traditional toile style print, it will make any space look elegant.




A brief overview on...


How to hang wallpaper (without resorting to murder)


The days of wallpaper leading to ruined walls and divorce are over! The key difference between our wallpaper and other wallpaper suppliers is that we recommend putting the paste directly onto the wall, rather than onto the wallpaper. This means no more fighting with large wads of tall, sticky material!


We recommend using Roman PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive. Your wallpaper will be fully removable, making it safe for use in rental properties.


We are planning to create a how-to in the future, but until then, check out this installation video by Hygge & West. Everything except the glue is pretty much spot on.





How to Remove Wallpaper (without losing your bond or your mind)


No longer does wallpaper removal require steaming and scraping, sweating and swearing!


If you use the paste we recommend, then your wallpaper will be fully removable, and will leave no marks on the walls. Don't believe me? Check out the video below... Javed will show you just how easy it is. All you need to do is wet the wall (with a sponge, you don't need to soak it!) and peel the paper away.





Post your pictures of your wallpaper below; tell us what you think of our new print! Any ideas for us? Let us know!


The Publisher Textiles Team


- Nicola Joy -

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