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April 21, 2017


 Publisher Textiles is proud to work with Australian Indigenous art centres. The designs and fabrics produced in the remote parts of Australia, developed by Indigenous Australians, are bright and beautiful. Through working with these communities, we hope to help bring these designs to the city and to a wider audience. Over the next few months we are going to showcase the art and design from the groups that Mark has developed strong relationships with over the past 8 years. We have ties to the Hopevale Community Arts Centre, the Bábbarra's Women's Centre, the Merrepen Arts, Culture & Language Aboriginal Corporation and Injalak Arts. This week, we will focus on the...


Hopevale Community Arts Centre



Hopevale Community Arts Centre is located in far north Queensland, just north of Cooktown. Located close to the famous coloured sands and Elim Beach, the land is beautiful and relatively untouched.


The people of Hopevale have faced many hardships, including the assimilation and forcible removal of it's community members during WWII. The people of Hopevale are determined; proud of their cultural richness, they work together to build a new future for their children.


 The Hopevale Arts Centre is a workshop for artists and a display space for art, crafts and artifacts.  It is also used for community events, dance, private functions and workshops.


The artists cover a large range of mediums, including etching, print making, weaving, painting and storytelling. They range in age from the younger generation to elders, and the community centre aims to empower and encourage the preservation of ancient cultural art practices.



Below is one of the designs we have printed from Hopevale, on one of our large printing tables. They send us their designs to print, and we send them back to be used and sold. Last year we purchased some of Hopevale's fabrics and have included them in our homeware range as cushions. 




Hopevale is a growing centre for the arts; we hope to work with them more in the future as their textile business continues to grow!


Our next blog will focus on the Bábbarra's Women's Centre in Arnhem Land. We look forward to showing you some of their awesome designs and telling you a little bit about their community!




The Pubisher Textiles Team


- Nicola Joy -

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