A lot has happened since we last caught up

October 4, 2017

It’s been a few months since the last blog post and my oh my has a lot happened since then! A new clothing collection, a proper photo shoot, indigenous textiles popping up all over the country and a pretty epic story about the magic that is the modern medical system. Strap in, there is a lot to tell and a kid with cancer is involved, but don’t worry, it all has a happy ending.


So let’s start with the very scary, very personal story about having a kid with cancer….


My step-son, Flynn has been in and out of hospital for nearly 3 years now after being diagnosed with Leukaemia when he was 13. He almost made it out of there in 2 years (that’s super-fast for Leukaemia treatment, in case you were wondering) but in April we found out that it wasn’t over, the cancer was back and Flynn needed a bone marrow transplant.

Luckily for Flynn his elder sister Keya was as perfect a match as you could want for a transplant (and she was willing to have over a litre of bone marrow sucked out of her hip bones).

So Flynn and his parents got to spend the winter learning way more than they ever wanted to about the inner workings of Randwick Children's Hospital’s isolation ward. Tomorrow marks 100 days since Flynn received the transplant and I am very happy to say it has been successful and Flynn is doing super! We still have a few more months of recuperation time but at this stage its looking like he has finally kicked the cancer and will make a full recovery.


While Mark was away looking after Flynn, I was left in charge of Publisher and as we were taking on a bit less commission printing, it was the perfect time to get stuck into a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Since starting here at Publisher I’ve been eyeing off the ever-growing collection of designs from Babbarra, Merrepen and Hopevale. I knew such a distinctive, beautiful collection was destined to grace the clothing of people around the country and probably other countries too and I wanted to be part of that story.

 After getting the go ahead from each of the communities, I started work on my first collection exclusively featuring prints from Babbarra, Merrepen and Hopevale.

After the having a ball putting it all together I then got to have another amazing experience, having it all photographed by a proper photographer, with a proper model, hair and makeup artist and even a proper studio! It was a pretty amazing day and the photos look even better than I imagined.

I’m now a little bit addicted and am already at work putting together the next collection (or 2, or 3).


Its going to be a busy few months leading up to Christmas here at Publisher, with extended opening hours for the shop (Saturdays even!!) markets galore and of course more printing, sewing and shenanigans than you can imagine 5 people getting up to.


I promise we’ll try to post more blogs, but, well Nicola has run off and got herself a proper job, so they might still be a little irregular.


Thanks for sticking it out with us over what was a very strange and intense winter!


And see, happy endings!




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