Tales From a Print Room - Printing Tables

February 22, 2018


Back in the glory days of the Australian fashion industry screen printing was big business. Every second garage had an Edmond Wilson T-shirt rig and Ken Done and Mambo were pumping out 1000s of metres of bright and beautiful fabric daily. These days however its a small niche industry with only a few meterage printers left and Edmond Wilson is long gone.


While we might not be able to bring back the glory days of the 80's, we here at Publisher can at least share out 30 years of printing experience and help others get into the game.

Tales From a Print Room will each month focus on a different aspect of printing, sharing our technical knowledge and all the backyard tips and tricks Mark and Javed have collected over their years of printing.


Our first blog will be an over view of setting up a table for meterage printing.


1. As you can see below, we have a single-rail registration repeat table. The table surface has a padded vinyl underlay approximately 2.5mm thick, then covered with smooth vinyl banner material. The table surface is covered with a thin layer of pressure sensitive glue that hold the fabric in place.



2. Our tables have adjustable legs to make it flat on uneven ground.



3. Two bolts have been screwed into screen to allow us to straight-line artwork on screen with rail.





 4. Custom made ruler to measure repeat.



5. Stoppers on rail to register repeat.



There you have the 3 main ingredients for a printing table, a flat surface, a rail and repeat stops. Next months blog will focus on Stop Rulers and Stops.


Let us know what other topics you would like us to explore in the comments!



Steph and the Publisher team 


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