Tales from a Print Room - Screws in Screens

May 18, 2018



Below Javed is drilling into the aluminium screen frame, we do it 10cm from each edge all the way through.



As you can see below, all drill holes will line up. Making for a better print on a one rail system, as the feet will hit in the same spot for each screen. 



As seen below, we use 1/4 inch roofing screws as their thread goes from top to bottom, because we need two bolts to lock it onto the frame.



Below bolt has already been wound onto screw



Next bolt to lock the screw onto frame



We draw a straight line on the table, as we are going to straight line the screen design.




Our straight line design, left side on line, right side on line, so the line up is flat



Below are the tools used to tighten up bolts and to get screen flat line from left to right.




Getting registration with the most detailed screen, we will match other screens to this by screwing their screws in or out, applied for a multi-colour job. We will also apply an elbow for up and down registration.



As you can see below, an elbow will be needed to start up and down registration for multi colour print jobs.




This is just to get you started with screws in screens. See how you go and please if you have any further questions in regards to this.


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Tales from a Print Room - Screws in Screens

May 18, 2018

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