May 1, 2019


Today we are letting you in on how we glue our tables. This method we found works best for our own water-based inks and we have perfected this method for ourselves through lots of trial and error. A quick disclaimer; what works for us may not work for you or the inks you screen print with so be sure to test thoroughly first.





Note: if you use particularly thin fabrics like silk; if the ink seeps through it can potentially pull the stick off of the table and onto the fabric. This has happened to us before and we have had to completely soak the fabric in turpentine.


Mark has found that this particular method of adhering fabrics to our tables is unparalleled with any other in creating the tightest registration in our printing.


In today’s blog we will just be going through how we add an extra layer of adhesive over the top of existing adhesive however about once a year or when necessary (say if the glue becomes uneven or loses its tact) we will fully strip it with turps and re-glue from scratch.


  1. First we wipe the table down with water and soda ash to get rid of the lint left from fabrics. We’ve been using jersey mainly so there wasn’t too much lint in this case. We wipe the tables down twice. 

Look at all the lint!



2. Javed is then using a squeegee to push the water into the center for Remy to vacuum up. We wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth to ensure any big puddles are gone. We then turn on our fans for a couple minutes to make sure the tables are bone dry.


3. So here we reveal to you the adhesive we use; a pressure sensitive floor adhesive mixed with a floor sealer (800g to 200g ratio respectively; this is enough for one of our 20m tables).


We mix in a floor sealer so the adhesive is not too sticky and it helps to make the adhesive more durable. We have found this adhesive works best on banner vinyl. We’ve tried other materials and it just doesn’t perform the same. 



Sometimes the adhesive can vary from batch to batch which means at times the adhesive doesn’t perform the same or just doesn’t work. Mark has had to strip the whole thing down with turps and re-do the whole process in the past because of this!


Here Mark and Remy are taping down the edges of the tables that don’t need the adhesive. You’ll also see that this will help with cleaning up the excess glue at the end!




Time to put the adhesive on! We use a rounded squeegee. Mark is wiping the blade down with turps to make sure it’s nice, smooth and clean. 



Mark squeegees the adhesive over the length of the table; in this case three times and leaves the excess on the tape we put down earlier.  





We leave this to set for a minimum of 2 days. Ideally we would do it on a Friday, leave it over the weekend and it’ll be ready to go on Monday! 


Once dry we just pull off the tape and there you go! Mess free cleaning and freshly glued tables ready for printing.



We hope you enjoyed this insight into how we glue our tables here at Publisher! If you do use this method be sure to let us know and if you have any questions comment below and we will aim to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.



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