June 4, 2019



Today we are going to show you how you can make your very own screen frame out of wood. How to stretch the screen will be coming in a later blog but for now, onto what you will need for this project!




We will be making a frame that fits an artwork up to 1.4m. For this you will need:

- 2 pieces of wood (dimensions are 2.7m x 7cm x 3.5cm)

- A drop saw

- 4 clamps

- Selleys Aquadhere Durabond Polyurethane Glue

- Measuring tools i.e. a right angle ruler and tape measure

- A trusty pen or pencil








The dimensions of the outside of the finished screen is 95cm x 175cm and the inside dimensions are 81cm x 161cm.


















1. First start by measuring out each piece of 2.7m wood and draw a line at 95cm on each length of wood. Use the right angle ruler to make sure the lines are straight. 



2. Using the drop saw we cut the wood where the lines are. It is super important that both the long and shorter pieces are the same and even.




Here you can see Mark is just slightly shaving the edges off one of the pieces as it didnt completely match the other piece.



3. Once the two pieces have become four (2x 95cm pieces and 2x 175cm pieces) measure out the width of the wood on each end and mark it; in this case it is 7cm. Do this for each piece of wood.


4. We will be using a half lap join method to join the pieces together. To do this we need to measure out half of the depth; in this case it's half of 3.5cm which is 1.75cm. Draw a line to mark this and set the drop saw stopper to stop right at that midway point. Your markings should look something like this!



4. Mark then slowly and carefully shaves off (only hitting 1.75cm deep each time) the 7cm we marked earlier.





5. Repeat previous step to both ends of each piece of wood.




6. We are ready to glue the pieces together! Here we are using Selleys Aquadhere Durabond Polyurethane Glue (please use this one too!)


7. Apply a generous amount of the adhesive to the longer wood pieces and place the shorter pieces on top making sure it is nice and even.











8. Clamp down each corner and allow to dry overnight.


In the next blog we will show you how you can stretch your own screens! 



If your wood splits like you can see ours did, you can very easily just use wood glue to bond the pieces back together. 



We hope you enjoyed this blog! If you do make your own frame using this method let us know and as always if you have any questions just comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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