A Design Blog: How We Choose Colourways

June 25, 2019


Welcome to today's blog! We will be going through how we choose colourways for our designs from inspiration, choosing ink colours to strike offs; the complete process.


So when choosing new colours we always take into consideration the design, how many colours the design has and what the end product will be; wallpaper, t-shirt, dress, cushion etc.


With all this in mind we go onto our very favourite; Pinterest! We always start our inspiration here. We search colour palettes, colour schemes, 80s, 90s, pastels, literally anything to get creativity flowing.


Here's some examples of the moodboards we have going on at the Publisher pinterest page (feel free to follow us here).



With a plethora of colour palette ideas we start by jotting down some colour ideas for the designs.


Once we've got an idea of the colourways we want for each design we begin choosing colours from our ink bibles.



A single change in tone of a colour completely changes the feel of a design. At times we've put a colour down and it hasn't been right so sometimes before we do the full strike off we will do some pull downs on a bit of the base fabric, particularly if the base fabric is darker or there are alot of colours in the design and adjust any colours chosen as necessary.





Once we've finalised the colours from the ink bibles and pull downs we prepare it into a pink job sheet (ones we use for samples/strike offs).















Armed with this we are ready to print a strike off! First we go to our extensive stacks of ink buckets to see if we already have the colour mixed up or a very similar one.



If we can't find the colour or one that matches Javed will mix it up accoridngly to the ink bible measurements!


Once the ink is mixed up we are ready to print!


We repeat the steps above for each screen.

And the strikeoffs are done!