Used day in and day out in our print room, Publisher’s range of water-based screen printing textile inks are white spirit and hydrocarbon free. Safe for home, professional and classroom use, our inks wash clean with water and do not require the use of harmful solvents such as turps or thinners.

Mixed on site we offer a range of 25 premixed colours, which are all able to be mixed to create your own colours. You are also welcome to come visit us in store and search through our extensive ink bibles to find the exact right shade.

Custom screen printing textile inks

Over the past 10 years we have built up an impressive collection of ink colours. Spread over 7 volumes our ink bibles are a colourist's dream. You are welcome to come in store and take your time pouring over them to find just the shade you are looking for.

There is an additional fee of $10 per batch of ink mixed. When placing your order in store we will advise you on the approximate turn around time, usually within 24 hours.

If you are unable to find the colour you are after or are unable to make it in store, you can provide us with a colour swatch that we will match to.

*Please note  minimum order for custom colours is 4kg and there is an additional fee of $25 per batch mixed.


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